Avolve Solutions

Benefits for individuals. Rewards for collectives.

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Superhumane Citizens

Unify cooperatively among the individuals like you who share a magnificent interest in being a superhuman in the supersociety.

Founder-focused benefits and systems for being a superhuman in the supersociety.

Supercivilized Cultures

Unite collaboratively along with the collectives that share your momentous interest in building a supersociety of superhumans.

Enterprise-based rewards and services for building a supersociety of superhumans.


Inventing new ideas & assets


Improving the existing assets


Managing a portfolio of assets

Commit to improving the livability in thousands of cities and their surrounding areas.

Global Network

Online platform for local leaders

Local Networks

Dedicated site/app for every city

Network Effect

Mass adoption of the sites/apps

End the rule of man to launch the wealth, health, and peace of 193 sovereign states.


Elect candidates into offices


Depoliticize the entire nation


Enjoy wealth, health & peace